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Visiting the dentist can improve your overall well-being

Dental Health

The dentist may not be everyone’s favourite place, (although some of our clients tell us they prefer visiting us to the hairdresser) however, we believe that regular visits help you to maintain good oral health.

Good oral hygiene can not only help clients to avoid gum disease and tooth decay; the state of a person’s teeth, mouth and gums also reveals much about their overall well-being.

Tim Rumney, practice owner and clinical director at Illume, says: “I know many people can be anxious about visiting their dentist but it is so important to have regular Healthy Mouth Reviews which also include screening for mouth cancer. We know that if mouth cancer is spotted early, then the chances of being cured are good.

“What many clients will not be as aware of, though, is that a visit to your dentist can also reveal medical issues people may need to address such as sleeping problems, anxiety and stress.

“Stress, anxiety or a sleep disorder can cause teeth grinding and your dentist can advise on suitable treatments, including the new Cerezen device we offer which can be worn virtually all day to relieve symptoms.

“By looking into the mouths of clients I can also tell if they drink a lot of coffee or tea which can cause staining or energy drinks which can cause tooth erosion.

“Badly stained teeth can benefit from the Air Flow polishing system offered by our hygienists and professional tooth whitening, carried out at home using custom made trays and whitening gels,” he added.

Illume recommends that clients remain Gum Health Curious and look out for any signs of pain, swelling or bleeding gums which can all indicate possible health problems and if they don‘t already have one, make an appointment to come and see us.

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