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Oral Surgery

We do everything we can to keep your teeth healthy and strong for as long as possible. However, sometimes it is necessary to remove teeth, and when that happens, our dentists make the process as painless as possible for you.

When would I need a tooth removed?

The most common causes for removing a tooth are:

  • Damage and disease through dental decay that cannot be restored
  • When the tooth and root are too badly fractured to be restored
  • Failed root canal treatment
  • An untreatable abscess 
  • Reduced bone support, caused by gum disease
  • Impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth, that cannot erupt (come through) properly
  • Unerupted teeth that are complicating other dental treatments
  • To make space for other teeth that are being straightened
  • As an alternative to more complex treatments

The process

We remove teeth using a local anaesthetic, via an injection in the gum, which means that the process is pain-free. We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive after-care plan to ensure that you don’t experience any unnecessary pain as you heal. 

We know that it can be a little unnerving having a tooth removed, but our team is very experienced and will be happy to guide you through each step of your treatment to make sure you are comfortable.

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