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Issues with the living parts of your teeth, such as nerves (roots) and blood vessels, can be incredibly painful. However, here at Illume, our team uses a blend of knowledge, innovative techniques and equipment to relieve pain and treat problems in a way that is kind to your teeth. We will usually carry out root fillings if you have a nerve that is dying or dead in your tooth. This is much more preferable to removing a tooth, if indicated.

How do I know if I need treatment?

Issues with roots usually result in pain, which can vary from twinges over a long period of time, or acute, severe stabbing sensations. Other strong signs include feeling pain when you have hot or cold food, spontaneous tooth pain, throbbing pain, swelling gums or face, or tenderness when biting. It can sometimes be difficult to locate the exact tooth that is the cause of pain, but we can carry out a range of tests and take X-rays to pinpoint the exact area that needs treatment.

Tooth filling

We use specialist techniques which can include operating microscopes and 3D x-ray imaging to isolate and then numb your problem tooth before accessing the nerve tissue. The old tissue is removed, and the tiny channels (known as root canals) are cleaned out and disinfected to kill any bacteria. They are then shaped and filled with an inert material that prevents further infection. Depending on the complexity and condition of the issue, root fillings can be completed in one appointment, or spread over several. However, we’ll always give you a clear outline of your treatment plan and discuss the process with you in advance.

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