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Periodontics cover the structures surrounding your teeth, (the gum and jawbone). They are the foundation of a happy, healthy mouth, and we’ll work with you to avoid, identify and treat any issues that arise, from bleeding gums and bad breath to loss of teeth.

What causes gum disease?

Some people are genetically more at risk of gum disease than others, however there are certain factors, such as smoking and diabetes that can be controlled to help you minimise the risk of developing it. Here at Illume, we’ll always focus on trying to prevent gum disease from becoming a problem in the first place, as well as helping to control any issues you may have.

Types of gum disease

Gum disease commonly comes in two forms: chronic gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gum tissues, and chronic periodontitis, which is an inflammation and loss of attachment of the gum tissue and/or supporting jawbone. And while they are treated differently, it’s not uncommon to have both types in different parts of your mouth at the same time.


If you have issues with gum disease, then one of our dentists will usually work with you to create a treatment plan based on your needs and preferences. For most issues, problem areas or solutions to maintain excellent oral hygiene, you’ll be able to see our Dental Hygiene Team, while our specialist dentists will be able to offer support for severe cases of gum deterioration. More serious issues will require advice and treatment from a Specialist, we are fortunate to be able to offer this service in house.

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