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The Risks of DIY Home Whitening Kits

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If you read The Times then you will have seen today’s raconteur supplement on Cosmetic Dentistry.

Many of the articles inform the reader of facts about dentistry that we have been telling our clients for a long time.

One article particularly caught my eye as some of the statistics are shocking to read as a dental care professional.

Research has shown that people who have great smiles are thought to be more intelligent, better educated and more successful. Based on this it is no surprise that according to the Academy of Cosmetic Dentists a third of the population is concerned about the appearance of their teeth and having a whiter, brighter smile is very high on the wish list.

These statistics explain the increased demand for cheap home whitening procedures available over the counter or on the internet.

Enticing marketing messages promise amazingly white teeth for a fraction of the cost of a professional home whitening treatment supervised by a dentist but what people don’t seem to know are the associated risks and pitfalls of these cheap DIY whitening kits.

The article described such kits as largely ineffective and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has even issued warnings about dangerous levels of whitening agents used in take-home kits.

The use of whitening agents is strictly regulated for UK dentists to make sure that whitening agents do not exceed safe levels. Trading Standards have published test results showing that 18 out of 20 DIY kits contained illegal levels of whitening agents putting clients at risk of damaging their teeth permanently.

In addition when opting for tooth whitening with a dentist any underlying oral health issued will be addressed and treated to ensure optimal overall oral health which will safeguard any investment in cosmetic dentistry.

All in all its is safe to say if something seems too good to be true it probably is!!!

At Illume we have offered professional home whitening for many years and it is always very rewarding to see clients so happy with their whiter smiles and their improved self-confidence!

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