Top 20 Questions

Illume’s regular clients often tell us how much they love and trust us, but we understand that many people feel extremely nervous about visiting a dentist. We've looked at a recent survey that outlines what worries clients most and where the potentially difficult moments are.

The Top 20 FAQs and concerns are listed below, with answers and examples of how everyone at Illume aims to make all of our clients feel at ease.

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  1. Finding the practice for the first time

    Our welcome pack and our website have a map and very clear detailed instructions on how to find us in Cheltenham.

  2. Parking

    We have a large car park with 10 spaces including a designated disabled space.

  3. Appointment times

    We have two dentists, two hygienists and a visiting dentist who places implants and are therefore flexible and able to offer times to fit in with clients' busy work schedules.

  4. Will I have to wait?

    We have been a private practice for over 20 years and our ethos is, and has always been to book appointments that are long enough to ensure we spend time listening to our clients and that we don't therefore have to rush. We can't promise that you will never have to wait but we can say that we do all we possibly can to ensure this is very rare.

  5. Being reprimanded

    That's just not our style at Illume. We offer excellent oral health support so we will help you achieve a healthy mouth without the need to 'tell you off'.

  6. Meeting the dentist

    Our dentists have years of experience working in private dental practices and are skilled at putting clients at ease. In addition to their excellent clinical skills they are trained to listen carefully to clients to find out exactly what our clients want or need. And the same good listening skills and approachability apply to all our nurses and in fact our entire team.

  7. The Equipment

    Dental practices are full of specialist equipment that is unfamiliar to many clients and often our worst fear is that of the unknown. We take the time to explain about the equipment we use and we are happy to tell clients as much or as little as they wish to know!

  8. What will be done?

    We ensure we clearly explain our treatments and we give a written treatment plan to all our clients for implants, orthodontics and larger restorative cases. We don't put it in the post, we invite you back to Illume to discuss it with you. We listen carefully to what you tell us and answer any questions you may have.

  9. Why is the treatment needed?

    We prescribe what we truly believe to be the best outcome for you in terms of both function and appearance. We take the approach of 'if you were a close relative of mine what do I honestly believe is the best advice I can give you?' We always take time to give you a full explanation of why we feel this is the most appropriate way to provide the best possible care.

  10. Will it hurt at the time or afterwards?

    Modern dentistry at Illume bears little resemblance to memories some of us may have from years ago. We do everything we possibly can to ensure your visit with us is as pain free as possible and as we state elsewhere we give clear verbal and written advice on after care following your visit to us.

  11. Will I be at work afterwards?

    We mostly get asked this question in relation to the placing of implants at Illume. Clients often fear they will be incapacitated and able to do little afterwards. The reality is that they may have a slight feeling of bruising and no more discomfort than is normal with a large filling. There is no impairment of concentration and most clients leave us saying 'This is wonderful, I feel absolutely normal!'

  12. Fingers and instruments in the mouth

    We never underestimate the big impact that little things can have. If this is a concern of yours then please share it with us so that we are aware and able to do all we can to make you as comfortable as possible.

  13. Being unable to speak clearly

    We are used to having conversations with clients who are numb following treatment and are very good at interpreting what they say. Our clients find that the numbness wears off pretty quickly and they are soon speaking clearly and eating and drinking normally.

  14. Having injections

    Some clients are needle phobic and our dentists are very aware of this. Syringes and needles can be discreetly kept out of sight. We use a topical anaesthetic to numb the gums before injections when appropriate.

  15. How long will it take?

    When we present our clients with a treatment plan we always give them details of appointment lengths so there are never any surprises.

  16. When and how do I pay?

    We offer our Members a 10% or 20% saving on our standard fees for any treatment they may need or want; it's one way to repay their loyalty. We also offer a saving to non Members of 5% if treatment is paid for when the appointment is booked. We accept cash, cheques and any debit or credit card except American Express. We also offer interest free credit for 12 months.

  17. Will I look odd afterwards?

    Again, this is a question asked mostly by clients having an implant placed. There may be a little bruising and swelling but clients soon return to normal.

  18. Will I be able to chew?

    Eating is not that easy to do with a numb or partially numb mouth but this soon passes. After treatments we provide verbal and written aftercare instructions.

  19. How is the practice organised?

    When you arrive at Illume you will be greeted by one of our lovely front desk team. We are here to help you fill in a medical history form and a wish list if you'd like to and prior to your treatment there is a comfortable lounge with relaxing music, a range of magazines and books to read and great coffee!

  20. Will there be instructions?

    This appears on many people's list and at Illume we're not sure what that means! We spend time listening to our clients and so are engaged in conversation with them rather than issuing instructions! We do give you a printed copy of what you need to do following tooth removal or implant placement, advice on taking antibiotics and how to use the custom made trays for tooth whitening at home.

We hope this addresses any concerns you may have and if you have further questions please give us a call on 01242 522230 or drop in to Illume for a chat and a look around.