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Research Shows Importance of Being Gum Health Curious

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Illume welcomes new research that says oestrogen therapy treatment for osteoporosis may also to help prevent gum disease.

Researchers from the University of Buffalo in the US examined nearly 500 post-menopausal women who received oestrogen for osteoporosis— where bones become weak and brittle from tissue loss— and found 44 per cent were less likely to have severe periodontitis than women who did not receive the treatment.

Tim Rumney, Illume practice owner and clinical director, says: “Gum disease is one of the more common human diseases with links to other serious conditions and can lead to tooth loss.

“This study is good news for many women over 50 who are taking oestrogen to manage their menopausal symptoms although it is of no help to our male clients.

“However, this offers an opportunity to stress the importance of gum health for everyone especially as the disease doesn’t always get the attention it should in the media.

“Like other chronic diseases, gum disease is complex and variable. It cannot be cured once and for all but instead has to be prevented, controlled and managed with regular care,” he added.

That’s why we encourage all of our clients to be Gum Health Curious and ask themselves the following questions:

• Do your gums bleed? – maybe when you brush, or when you eat or even just of their own accord? And even if you go to the dentist regularly?

• Do you have teeth that are loose, wobbly or drifting, and getting more gappy?

• Are you gums receding? Have you lost teeth already?

• Do you have bad breath?

• Are you more at risk? For example, do you smoke, have diabetes, or a family history of gum disease?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then we would recommend you make, if you don’t already have one, an appointment now for a New Client consultation or a Healthy Mouth Review.

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