Here at Illume Dentistry we pride ourselves on using the latest technology to ensure client visits can be made as comfortable and successful as possible.

We are constantly updating our services to offer the very latest treatments and techniques to ensure the best possible results for every client including:

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Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS)

Sooner or later most people will require a replacement for their natural teeth and will have to decide which denture is appropriate for them.

We know our clients are quality-orientated people who want to look attractive even as they grow older and require dentures to suit their active lifestyles.

That’s why Illume now offers the Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) from Ivoclar Vivadent which has been specially developed to meet the demands of these clients.

The result of many years of clinical experience, BPS provides a vast array of tooth moulds and tooth lines to reflect the wide variety of tooth shapes to create natural looking teeth.

BPS dentures offer greater functionality with a suction fit lower denture that sits stably in the floor of the mouth. This makes them more comfortable and less likely to move around than older types that they may have worn in the past.

Full denture wearers can eat a greater variety of food and they are natural looking so that you can smile, speak and laugh with confidence.

The results are high quality tooth replacements for discerning clients.

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Florida Probe® Voiceworks™

Why is my hygienist wearing headphones?

Well let us introduce you to the Florida Probe® Voiceworks™ system which allows our hygienists to use a voice activated headset to record pocketing – a key indicator of periodontal disease – along with bleeding, plaque and other data, into the computer, and create a printable chart or ‘mouth map’ visually illustrating a client’s periodontal status.

Further Voiceworks™ input at subsequent appointments tracks changes, both good and bad, with the colourful chart showing areas of improvement and where further care is required, highlighting places where brushing and cleaning techniques can be refined.

This means we can:

  • Chart a more accurate measure of your periodontal record
  • Monitor gum health stability in a calibrated and systematic way
  • Highlight and track changes
  • Feedback to clients their periodontal findings
  • Observe gum health diagnostic parameters such as plaque score, pocket depth, recession, bleeding on probing
  • Help us to help you manage your periodontal health

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Cerezen treatment for temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

Do you regularly greet the day with aching jaws, headaches, face and neck pain after grinding your teeth in your sleep?

If so, your problem is more common than you might think as it is estimated that up to a quarter of adults suffer from temporomandibular disorders (TMD) at some point in their lives.

That’s why Illume now offers a new treatment called Cerezen™, a clinically tested device worn in the ears instead of the mouth.

Traditionally, bite splints were used to treat the condition, but these can be uncomfortable and may also fail to address the underlying issue.

People wearing splints were also not able to eat, drink or sleep with them but this new device can be worn for up to 23 hours a day, making it not only far more convenient but also more likely to have longer term effects.

The device, which is custom-made for each client, prevents the symptoms of TMD by retraining the jaw to remain in the ‘open bite’ position.

Once diagnosed with TMD by your dentist, an audiologist will take an impression of your ear canals and your Cerezen™ inserts can then be fitted here at Illume.

The inserts, which are practically invisible, can be left in place day or night, except when showering, swimming or playing contact sports and, being hollow, they won’t interfere with your hearing.

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Gaps between front teeth can often look unsightly and can be difficult to close. Traditional ways of changing the shape of teeth used techniques such as crowning or veneering which, whilst effective, require removal of healthy tooth tissue.

These kinds of spaces can be closed by the addition of tooth coloured resin fillings but it is difficult to create natural pleasing tooth shapes.

Illume now has the Bioclear matrix system developed in America by Dr David Clark and these anatomically formed thin clear plastic shapes enable us to place composite resin restorations with superior shaping and aesthetics than previous matrix systems.

They can also help to build out and close the dark triangular spaces that develop as a result of gum recession.

EMS Air Flow polisher

The EMS Air Flow polisher offers a fast, efficient and non-invasive way to polish and clean teeth and works by creating a powerful yet controlled jet of water, air and fine powder, which cleans all the surfaces of a tooth by removing plaque, discoloration and soft deposits.

Hear what out hygienist Leanne Hobbs thinks about this new service:


Find out more about the EMS Air Flow polisher here.

History of air polishing

1940s: Dr Robert Black in the US develops the Airdent which uses air, water and an abrasive powder to remove infected enamel. Sadly, the device never takes off as the technology performs erratically and keeps breaking down.

1970s: Pierre Mabile and team at EMS in Nyon, Switzerland, use watch technology to create precision dental equipment. Air-flow technology using bicarbonate powders is developed and patented.

1980s and 1990s: Research and development reduces the size and changes the shape of the particles. Bicarbonate powders being used are, however, still unsuitable for clients with high blood pressure or kidney problems as the elevated salt levels may cause medical complications.

2015: A new type of powder is developed for the polisher, based on the plant-based sugar, erythritol, meaning the treatment is now suitable for the majority of clients. Teeth can be cleaned above and below the gum line and the EMS unit is the latest in this form of technology.

ICON resin by DMG for White Spot treatment

Sometimes teeth can develop what we call ‘white spot lesions’. These can be naturally occurring developmental features although they can be the result of an active decay process that then becomes inactive, for example when a client starts to clean their teeth more effectively. A similar thing can happen during orthodontic treatment. The surface of the tooth demineralizes but doesn’t actually become a cavity.

The resulting white spot is disfiguring for the tooth and previously the appearance could only be improved by drilling tooth surface away and then filling with tooth-coloured fillings. This is an irreversible step and damages the tooth forever.

We can now treat these white spots without drilling the tooth away. The surface of the tooth is treated with a gel before being infiltrated by a clear resin material, which reduces the white spot appearance as it blends into the natural tooth colour.

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We are pleased to be able to offer clients at Illume all the benefits of the ISOVAC system.

Developed in America and now available in the UK, ISOVAC offers the latest in safe isolation of teeth undergoing a variety of procedures. At the same time as continuously removing water it also provides control and protection for the soft tissues like the cheek and tongue and reduces the strain on the jaw joint and muscles, which become fatigued in longer procedures.

The soft and flexible mouthpieces come in a variety of sizes to suit every mouth and are anatomically designed to provide both a supporting prop to help with opening and extensions to protect the tissues.

Although it might look a bit of a mouthful, once it is in place and the soft tissues relaxed the vast majority of clients find it makes longer procedures much more comfortable, which allows us to work more quickly and effectively to create even better outcomes.

Micerium Ena-Heat Composite Heating Conditioner

Illume has invested in a Micerium Ena-Heat Composite Heating Conditioner, which helps to improve the handling properties of the viscous tooth-coloured composite resin material we used to restore your teeth.

By warming up the composite to a temperature of approx. 39°C it makes the material more flowable to better fill cavities. It also reduces the stress in extruding the material from the syringe and in the layering phases. This reduces the risk of separation between the resin material’s components, it improves the biomechanical characteristics of the composite and it avoids trapped air bubbles, or voids.

So what is the benefit to you as an Illume client?

  1. A stronger and better filled restoration in your tooth.
  2. By warming local anaesthetic solutions to match body temperature it helps make numbing injections more comfortable