Our Latest Testimonials

Illume is used to getting great feedback from its customers, but don't just take our word for it - see some of our latest testimonials below....

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  • "On Wednesday I came in with a badly broken tooth with had virtually disintegrated when chewing a peanut! I fully expected the only course of treatment was an extraction and, as this was one of my few functioning teeth, I was not very happy. However, Dr. Tim Rumney had different ideas and with his skill and experience magically rebuilt the tooth to look and function better than it was!

    I would like to convey my thanks to Tim and his team for putting a smile back on my face!"

    Mr P.B. (08/06/18)
  • "I love you lots! I have never been treated so well and I know every time I come for any treatment I get nothing but the best. Everyone makes me feel comfortable in the practice and helps me with my fears and listens to me and relaxes me."

    "Best dentist ever – Dr Rumney"

    Mrs A.C. (23/04/12)
  • "To a lot of people the dentist is a scary place. When you visit Illume the atmosphere is calm and friendly. The staff always make you welcome. Never be frightened to visit the dentist again."

    Mr K.W. (22/04/12)
  • "I always get treated like Royalty by the team at Illume. Last time I visited they gave me a fabulous crown!"

    Miss A.W. (14/04/12)
  • "Very professional and caring practice. Always helpful and keen to put one at ease. Would highly recommend."

    Mrs P.C. (07/04/12)
  • "Great service from a friendly and professional team."

    Mrs H.F. (05/04/12)
  • "Coming to Illume is always a pleasant experience! I never thought I'd say that about a dentist, but I have been coming here for over 30 years! Recent root canal treatment with Adrian – a long job, but the time went quickly and there was no pain. Excellent hygiene work with Agnes and Tim is always very thorough. Everyone always explains what they're doing which is much appreciated."

    Mrs P.W. (03/04/12)
  • "I have had a few dentists in my life and I can honestly say Illume is a real pleasure from start to finish whatever your treatment."

    Mr D.A. (27/03/12)
  • "Outstanding professionalism, friendly and thoughtful dentists that always go the extra mile. It's a pleasure to attend the dentist now!"

    Miss E.M. (26/03/12)
  • "After 23 years I am still happy with my original choice in using this dentist. Through loose teeth and all the etc... we have survived, prospered and live with most of my teeth intact. With much gratitude."

    Mrs M.M. (21/03/12)
  • "I am now in my seventies and want to keep my own teeth as long as possible. I particularly appreciate being given options in dental treatment as the years advance."

    Mr T.N. (16/03/12)
  • "All the staff, dentists, hygienists and front of house are so kind and friendly. I really don't mind coming for treatment these days! How dentistry has changed for the better!"

    Mrs P.N. (10/03/12)
  • "A satisfied customer who is confident in the care and service provided by the staff at Illume."

    Mrs K.F. (08/03/12)
  • "I've been a patient for about 15 years and have had excellent treatment throughout."

    Mrs C.D. (03/03/12)
  • "I have been with this practice since 1985 and have always found the attention and treatment to be first class and have been totally satisfied with the results."

    Mrs A.R. (01/02/12)
  • "I have had root canal work which was undertaken very professionally by Dr Adrian Jones. He made me feel very much at ease."

    Mr R.S. (30/02/12)
  • "Been here for twenty odd years and always been well looked after and had a laugh."

    Mr J.W. (29/02/12)
  • "Always friendly atmosphere and professional consultations."

    Mrs J.D. (25/02/12)
  • "The quiet unruffled professionalism, coupled with genuine warmth and friendliness makes visiting Illume if not a joyous occasion, the most pleasant experience you can have at a dentists."

    Mr M.V. (21/02/12)
  • "Great practice, lovely feel and fantastic people."

    Mr A.M. (17/02/12)
  • "Illume has transformed my fear of dentistry. I have had a fear for many years and now it's gone."

    Mr M.W. (13/02/12)
  • "Great welcome after a long absence. Thanks for making me shiny and presentable again."

    Mr T.W. (02/02/12)