At Illume we choose a week to ten days every year to carry out a survey of all the clients that come and see us at that time.

We like our clients to tell us how they feel about us and our services so that we can deliver an experience that's been given thought and attention. All the replies are anonymous and confidential and we pay particular attention to any areas our clients identify for improvement.

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We are never complacent and strive to provide excellent value for money for all our clients and so were really pleased with the feedback our clients gave us in the latest survey carried out in March 2012.

Here are some of the questions we asked and the responses we received.

How did you rate your visit overall at Illume?

  • Excellent 72%
  • Good 27%
  • Disappointing 0

Would you recommend us to family and friends?

  • Yes 96%
  • No 4%

Are you a Member at Illume?

  • Yes 81%
  • No 19%

(So, 81% are taking advantage of all the benefits and privileges that are part of Illume Membership.)

Why do you come to Illume?

  • You're friendly and helpful and explain procedure and cost
  • You always respect privacy and put one at ease
  • You're known and trusted
  • You have a good reputation
  • I found you on the internet and now wouldn't go anywhere else
  • I've been coming for years and trust Tim and Agnes
  • I have always had good service from you
  • Because the experience is very good
  • Nice atmosphere
  • Your excellence

If you were to recommend us to others what would you say about us?

  • It's a great practice with high standards
  • If you're nervous they're happy to talk to you about treatments
  • It's always an excellent service – i was seen straight away when in terrible pain and phoned next day by the dentist
  • They're knowledgeable and efficient
  • It's the best practice I've been to
  • They're people who care about your teeth, not just profit
  • It's a great practice with high standards
  • You get very thorough care
  • You're really friendly, not like a dentists
  • It's modern and efficient with good explanations
  • You're caring, informative and efficient
  • This practice is outstanding in every way

Any other comments?

  • I'm very sorry to be leaving but am moving away
  • I have always found my visits full of quality and efficiency
  • The new layout is much appreciated
  • I didn't realise that dental practices like this existed, my only regret is that I didn't join sooner

If you're looking for a dentist and like the look of what you've read please give us a call on 01242 522230 or email