Stay Dentally Fit

Illume's dentists offer personal advice so you can decide what's right for you

Good oral healthcare is just as important as keeping the rest of your body healthy and active

Not only in terms of your mouth and teeth, but also in guarding against bacterial infections that can have serious implications, particularly for people with heart conditions.

Ongoing maintenance is key and that includes regular Healthy Mouth Reviews and Hygiene Support Visits so our professional team can keep a close eye on any changes that may indicate potential issues. Whilst most people would like to keep their own teeth for as long as they can, if this isn’t possible anymore Dental Bridges, Dentures and Implants can all help to safeguard your dental fitness.

Long-standing Cheltenham resident, Myrna Daniels, tells why she has been visiting Illume for more than 25 years thanks to the compassionate care she receives:


Keeping his mouth healthy is extremely important to Alex Hamilton, as is a friendly welcome and the highest standards of hygiene. Hear more from Alex:


The Illume Difference

Our clients often tell us that Illume is different from other dental practices, which is why some of them have been coming here for more than 40 years! And it's not just our professional service that they value – our personal, friendly and compassionate approach, combined with the highest standards of cleanliness* throughout the practice, offer an 'enjoyable experience!'.

*hear client Alex Hamilton extolling the virtues of our WC in this video!

Video Testimonial

A long-standing Illume client tells why he has been visiting Illume for 25 years and why he would recommend the practice to family and friends.

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Little words can make a big difference.

Illume's team takes the time to get to know each and every one of our clients to make sure we understand what matters to you because courtesy costs nothing.