Invest Now, Save Later

Minimise the potential for more serious dental issues in the future

Chipped teeth can result in the need for Root Treatment or even Tooth Removal – which is where our Dental Implants service proved invaluable to one of our younger clients when his previous dentist told him them was ‘nothing else he could do’.

Orthodontics (teeth straightening) is becoming increasingly popular with adults that may have missed out on correction when they were younger – and wonky teeth certainly don’t get straighter with age! Find out more from teacher, Craig Morgan.

Find out why it's important to address any dental issues early to avoid more inconvenience in the future:

"I appreciate being treated
like a human being"

Cheltenham music teacher Craig had wanted orthodontic treatment for a while and was delighted with the results from Illume:

The Illume Difference

'If something's worth doing, it's worth doing well' — something your Grandad might say, but oh so true! Illume's professional team prides itself on the quality of care offered to all clients and is often praised for 'going above and beyond'. We understand that visiting the dentist is up there with fixing a leaking tap – it's got to be done! We make sure our appointments run to time, so you can get back to your day job as quickly as possible.

We know you think there are far more important things to spend your money on, but dealing with dental issues early can save a lot of hassle in the long-run.

No pain — big gain!