Tooth Removal

Illume dentists do everything they can to support you in keeping dentally fit and retaining your teeth for as long as possible.

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Our dentists are passionate about promoting oral health and see tooth removal as a final option.

However, there are times when it is necessary to remove a tooth. We remove teeth when:

  • The tooth is damaged and diseased through dental decay and it cannot be restored
  • When the tooth and root is fractured so badly or deeply that restoration is not possible
  • When root canal treatment has failed and cannot be repeated
  • Where a tooth has an abscess which cannot be treated in any other way
  • Where gum disease has reduced the surrounding bone support for the tooth
  • Where teeth are impacted and cannot come through properly (often the case with wisdom teeth)
  • Where a tooth is unerupted (not come through) and is complicating restorative treatment or orthodontics
  • To make space for other teeth to be moving during orthodontics
  • When a client does not want to undertake alternative, often more complex, treatments

We remove teeth under a local anaesthetic (injection in the gum) to make the tooth removal painfree.

It is natural to be a little anxious when having a tooth removed but modern dental anaesthetics are very effective and enable us to deal with most situations, including some surgical tooth removals, in a painfree manner.

However, sometimes the complexity of a tooth removal, or the clients 'medical status or anxiety, means that we may refer a client to a Specialist, such as an Oral Surgeon in a hospital department.

We give all our clients both verbal written aftercare instructions when a tooth is removed and we will follow up the client after a few days to make sure that all is healing well.

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