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Orthodontics (teeth straightening) has seen a rapidly growing adult audience thanks to the wide availability of a range of discreet treatments. If you missed out on corrective action when you were a child, but don't fancy being stuck with 'Ugly Betty' braces for months on end, Illume's experienced Cheltenham-based dentists offer a variety of orthodontic treatment options for effective but discreet tooth straightening.

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Removable or Fixed?


These are not fixed in place and are removed for cleaning and sometimes for eating.

Removable appliances may not be able to make the range of movements achievable through fixed brackets but can be very effective in many cases.

Older types can be bulky and limited but newer versions such as SMILELIGN® from S4Sdental® can offer a complete solution in many cases. SMILELIGN® and similar systems consist of a series of clear plastic positioners used in sequence to gradually move teeth in a virtually invisible way.

Inman Aligner™ has been developed mainly to improve the alignment of the front teeth. It is relatively bulky but can give rapid results.

Although they are much less obvious than typical fixed orthodontics there are limitations to how far and how fast teeth can be moved and some movements are very difficult if not impossible to carry out. They have limited usage, particularly in more severe cases.


These are small brackets fixed to the teeth linked together with a wire to shape the arch and sometimes some springs and elastics to help move the teeth.

Fixed appliances can be attached to the front surface of the teeth (labial orthodontics) or to the inner surfaces (lingual orthodontics).

Both are efficient and achieve accurate and predictable movement of teeth.

Traditionally labial orthodontics have been the most common but are visible and the metal brackets are very obvious.

Ceramic (tooth coloured) brackets like SIMPLY SMILE have been developed to give a more discreet approach and are much less obvious than metal ones giving a rapid, predictable and almost invisible solution.

Full Correction or a Limited Objective

Whilst full correction of crowded and disordered teeth is possible in most cases it can be complex and time consuming.

Our experience is that often people are less concerned about crowding and problems in the back teeth and are more concerned with the straightness and appearance of the front teeth alone.

In many cases it is possible to improve the appearance of the front teeth without moving the back teeth – so called Sectional appliances. This is a compromise on a full correction but is often less complex and quicker to carry out sometimes requiring only a sectional appliance fitted to just a few teeth, or the use of removable appliances like the Inman Aligner™ mentioned above.

During diagnosis and treatment planning both full correction and limited objective treatment plans are considered and the final plan will take into account the complexity of the case and the desires and requirements of individual clients. More complex treatment plans requiring full correction may well require referral to a Specialist Orthodontist but Illume's clinicians can offer SIMPLY SMILE Fixed Brackets, Inman Aligner™ and SMILELIGN®.


It is now considered that retention of the final position is mandatory and should be considered 'life long'.

Whether orthodontically corrected or not teeth will continue to drift and move slightly over a lifetime. After the teeth are aligned, clients must be committed to wearing retainers (fixed or removable) for as long as they want their teeth to remain straight.

Retainers are either bonded to the backs of the front teeth or can be made as a thin, clear plastic removable device worn at night, or a combination of both. It is also possible to make very long lasting cast metal retainers also worn at night. These are more easily cleaned and last much longer than conventional plastic retainers.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Whether using systems such as SMILELIGN® and Inman Aligner™ or fixed appliances, careful diagnosis and treatment planning is essential. Sometimes this is carried out by Specialist Orthodontists.

Diagnosis is made from accurate photographs, x-rays and models of the teeth along with a clinical assessment and an exploration of the client's requirements and expectations.

In the case of SMILELIGN® and Inman Aligner™ this is carried out by each company's own diagnostic facility.

In the case of fixed appliances this will be carried out in conjunction with an Orthodontic Specialist. We have linked up with Wired Orthodontics Ltd. Wired Orthodontics Ltd specialise in making the various pieces of technical brackets, wires and jigs that are required to accurately fit the appliances.

Once the diagnostic examination, photographs, x-rays and impressions have been carried out the results are sent to the appropriate diagnostic facility.

Assessment of the individual case is made and a number of options and treatment plans put to the client along with fees involved. When, following discussion of the possibilities, the client wishes to go ahead then consent is obtained and the technical stages started.

Fees & Payment

Clients are informed of fees at the start of treatment and reductions are available for advance payment and for clients in Membership.

We can also help spread the cost of treatment through credit facilities, often interest free, to help make treatment more affordable.

Diagnostic fees – currently there is a diagnostic fee to cover examination, photographs, x-rays, impressions etc. If SMILELIGN® diagnosis is required there is an additional fee for their computerised diagnostic facility.

How We Can Help?

If you are unhappy with crooked teeth and would like to benefit from the extra confidence that an attractive smile can bring please ask us for a free consultation to discuss the possibilities and options open to you.

In many instances we will be able to offer you a solution here and when the requirements are more complex we can make the necessary referral to a suitably qualified Specialist.

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Further Information

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