Sports Mouth Guards

Illume dentists firmly believe that prevention is better than cure – by providing Sports Mouth Guards, the likelihood of you needing treatment for missing teeth knocked out during sporting activities is greatly reduced.

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Are you risking serious injury to your teeth?

  • Playing contact sports without a Sports Mouth Guard (Gumshield) is a huge risk. Sports such as rugby, hockey, martial arts and many others can result in serious injury to your teeth – usually the upper front ones.

What injuries can occur?

  • Anything from minor surface damage, through major fracture, nerve exposure, root fracture and even complete loss of a tooth.

But surely the risk of complete tooth loss is only small?

  • Even a minor fracture can result in permanent damage and disfigurement – and that means for life. Once damaged a tooth can never fully recover and even minor damage can eventually lead to the nerve dying – and this may be many years later.

What happens to damaged teeth?

  • They have to be restored (fillings). If the nerve dies they can become discoloured and painful requiring root canal fillings and post-retained crowns. Ultimately this can lead to root fracture and tooth removal – which means that you would need a denture, bridge or implant.

I have insurance – won't that pay for the damage?

  • It might – but some insurance cover will only be valid if you are taking the reasonable precaution of wearing a Gumshield.

I can buy a Gumshield from a sports shop. What's wrong with that?

  • Do-it-yourself Gumshields are a very poor fit and offer only a small amount of protection. They are notoriously difficult to mould effectively.

What are the advantages of having a 'proper' one made?

  • Professionally made mouthguards are custom made in a special laboratory on a model of your mouth so they fit perfectly and carry full CE accreditation. The model is made from an impression taken by qualified dental professionals to ensure accuracy and full coverage.

Are there any other advantages to custom made Gumshields?

  • Yes – they can be made in a huge variety of designs and team colours and stripes. They can even have your name inserted in case of loss.

How much do they cost?

  • This is variable and depends on the style and colour. The important question is how much might it cost if I don't wear one – and the answer to that can be a very large amount of time, money and stress over a lifetime.
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