Your First Visit

Illume’s team prides itself on the fact that the majority of new clients that join our Cheltenham based dental practice are through personal referrals from existing clients. This is a terrific pat on the back for us and testimony to the excellent service we strive to provide.

Illume understands how some people feel about visiting the dentist and we are keen to turn each visit into a positive encounter. We want to make coming to see us an enjoyable experience where you leave feeling listened to, privileged, pampered and part of something special – and excited about your next visit!

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We make sure that every part of your 'journey' — from the first enquiry to any after care follow up you may need — is a positive experience and that nothing was too much trouble.

You can make your first appointment with us by phone, email or in person. We will send you a Welcome Pack which contains information about our treatments and our Membership. It also contains the referral card of the dentist you will see so you can put names to faces on your first visit. Our Welcome Pack also includes a medical history form and a dental wish list which we ask you to fill in and bring to your consultation.

A number of our clients arrive a little early for their appointments so they have time to enjoy a delicious tea or coffee and time with a magazine or newspaper before their treatment. At Illume we pride ourselves on the rapport and good relationships we have with clients and this is also an ideal time to discuss with our client co-ordinators any concerns you may have.

Meeting Your Dentist

  • Tim Rumney, Clinical Director
  • Phil Walker, Associate Dentist
  • Ewa Rozwadowska, Associate Dentist
  • Ala Rozwadowska, Associate Dentist

The next step is to go through to the treatment room and meet your new dentist and nurse.

Your dentist will then carry out a New Client Consultation. This is a full examination of teeth and tooth wear, gums and soft tissues, chewing function and any existing fillings and crowns you may have. Your dentist will also carry out a mouth cancer check, a smile check and take any necessary x-rays. There may also be time to discuss any concerns you may have or indeed any cosmetic treatment you may wish, including tooth whitening and tooth straightening. In the case of more complex treatment plans we will book a further appointment to discuss all the treatment options available to gain your desired outcome.

Following your consultation, your dentist will produce a written report and treatment plan and will be happy to discuss the contents with you. We will also book you in to see one of our hygienists who will be able to provide oral health advice and gum health treatments.

On your return to front desk we will then book any further appointments needed — including any complementary orthodontic or implant consultations you may wish — and look forward to seeing you here again at Illume.

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