Mouth Cancer Screening

Spotting mouth cancer early combined with rapid referral for specialist treatment greatly increases chances of survival.

Here at Illume, mouth cancer screening is an integral part of every New Client Consultation and Healthy Mouth Review. Illume has provided an effective mouth cancer screening and referral service for many years and has numerous clients continuing to see us regularly following successful early referral for mouth cancer treatment.

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Signs and Symptoms of Mouth Cancer:

  • An ulcer that does not heal after 3 weeks
  • Persistent discomfort or pain in the mouth
  • White or red patches in the mouth or throat
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Speech problems – husky voice, difficulty pronouncing words, slur
  • A lump in the neck – swelling of your lymph nodes that does not disappear after 3 weeks
  • A lump or thickening on the lip
  • A lump in the mouth or throat
  • Unusual bleeding or numbness in the mouth
  • Loose teeth for no apparent reason
  • Difficulty moving the jaw

A mouth ulcer that does not heal after 3 weeks is the most common symptom in mouth cancer patients (80%).

Mouth Cancer Statistics

New Cases

of mouth cancer per year


from mouth cancer each year – many of these deaths could be prevented if the cancer was caught earlier

Smoking Kills

Most cases of mouth cancer are linked to alcohol and tobacco – smoking and drinking together particularly increases your risk of mouth cancer

HPV Virus

Many recent reports have also linked mouth cancer to the HPV virus – HPV can be spread through oral sex

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy
and Reducing Your Risk of Mouth Cancer

  • Visit your Dentist regularly and have your mouth screened for signs of mouth cancer.
  • Don't smoke or chew tobacco, gutkha/paan or betel.
  • Limit alcohol consumption and follow national guidelines (that's 2–3 units a day for women and 3–4 units a day for men).
  • Eat a healthier low meat, low fat diet rich in fruit and vegetables and vitamins A,C & E — this helps provide protection from Mouth and other cancers.
  • Adopt safe sex practices — increasingly mouth cancers are associated with HPV which can be transmitted through sexual activity.

If mouth cancer is spotted early, the chances of being cured are good. However, many people visit their dentist when it is too late, and do not attend their regular examinations despite their dentist's recommendations. A lot of the symptoms listed can be due to many other conditions or illnesses and may not necessarily be cancer, however it is always better to check.

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