Healthy Mouth Review

When is a Healthy Mouth Review not a Check-up…?

The Illume dental team has never believed in 'check-ups'. To us a 'check-up' sounds, and often is, a quick, cursory look, in and out of the chair as quickly as possible with a quick decision on what the client needs with little feedback or discussion.

At Illume we believe that a recall examination, or Healthy Mouth Review, as we prefer to call it, is so much more than that.

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A Healthy Mouth Review is firstly an opportunity for us to discover what you really want, how we can help you and provide the outcomes you desire, rather than for us to assume or decide what treatment is needed. Secondly it gives us an opportunity to review the health of your whole mouth and bring any problems or opportunities to your attention.

So, our 14 point Healthy Mouth Review for regular clients covers the following areas:

  1. A Smile Check

    We provide an opportunity for you to express your concerns and for us to explain possibilities for an improved smile.

  2. Chewing function

    Can you eat comfortably and efficiently?

  3. Pain

    Is there any pain in your teeth, gums or other parts of your mouth?

  4. Mouth Cancer Screening and Soft Tissues

    We screen for signs of mouth cancer and other diseases of the soft tissues of your mouth (tongue, cheeks, lips, palate and floor of mouth).

  5. Oral Hygiene

    We make an assessment of plaque control, which is how effectively you clean your teeth and record this as a plaque score.

  6. Teeth and fillings

    We examine your teeth and existing restorations (fillings, crowns etc) for damage and decay.

  7. Tooth wear

    We review tooth wear such as attrition, erosion and abrasion and then discuss with you their causes, prevention and treatment where appropriate.

  8. 'Watched'

    We check areas under review, and discuss with you appropriate treatment options.

  9. Gum Health

    We carry out a Basic Periodontal Examination to monitor gum health, to measure the presence of inflammation, loss of gum attachment and sites of plaque collection. Where required we carry out a pocket depth measurement to monitor more serious areas of gum disease.

  10. X-rays

    We take these as required to assess presence of decay and bone support and to investigate problem or suspicious areas.

  11. Jaw joint

    We examine these for clicks and other problems before recording findings and making recommendations.

  12. Dentures

    We assess the condition, function and comfort of dentures or other appliances (e.g. mouthguards and bite splints).

  13. Treatment Planning

    We discuss with you routine, remedial or cosmetic treatments that you desire or we believe you need to achieve a healthy mouth and attractive smile.

  14. Recall interval

    We make an ongoing assessment of how often you should visit us for Healthy Mouth Reviews and Hygiene treatments.

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