Are You Gum Health Curious?

Gum disease is one of the commonest human diseases with links to other serious conditions, yet many people do not even know they have it.

But would you know the signs and symptoms and how to treat and prevent it?

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Think about it and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do your gums bleed? – maybe when you brush, or when you eat or even just of their own accord? And even if you go to the dentist regularly?
  • Do you have teeth that are loose, wobbly or drifting, and getting more gappy?
  • Are you gums receding? Have you lost teeth already?
  • Do you have bad breath?
  • Are you more at risk? For example, do you smoke, have diabetes, or a family history of gum disease?
  • Do you know what your gum health is – good, bad, or somewhere in the middle?
  • Does your dentists or hygienist give you a gum health score? You can’t manage it without measuring it.

Gum health doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, it takes time to properly diagnose, measure, treat and prevent.

Also, gum disease is poorly understood by very many people with some still expecting their gums to recede and their teeth to be lost as a natural part of the ageing process.

Like other chronic diseases, gum disease is complex and variable. It cannot be cured once and for all – it instead has to be prevented, controlled and managed with regular care. But first you need to know if you have it.

At Illume we give the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gum disease top priority. Good gum health is an essential foundation for good general health, for healthy and long-lasting teeth and underpins all other dental care.

So if you think you may have gum disease, why not call us to come in for a free screening on 01242 522230