Meet the Hygiene Team at Illume

Illume dentists recognise the vital role our Hygienists, Agnes Gradon and Leanne Hobbs, play in oral health care delivery.

Hygienists are specially trained dental professionals and their high levels of skill make them qualified to provide a wide variety of supporting treatments under the direction of the prescribing dentists to enhance patient care.

In collaboration with Illume's dentists, our Hygienists become closely involved with the dental care of our clients, in particular in delivering both our Oral Health Improvement Programme and Hygiene Support for both adults and children.

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Dental Hygienists have both clinical and health promotional responsibilities in, amongst others, the following areas:

  • helping to treat and prevent gum disease
  • undertaking monitoring, measuring and screening procedures
  • teaching, monitoring and motivating oral hygiene techniques
  • cleaning plaque and calculus deposits from tooth and root surfaces
  • providing dietary advice
  • applying antimicrobial agents
  • desensitised materials and preventive agents such as fluoride
  • advising on stopping smoking
  • applying fissure sealants

We believe that the majority of our clients can benefit greatly from the care and treatment our Hygienists provide and we have made Hygiene Support a central part of our Membership offer.

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