Dental Fillings

A dental filling is used to repair and restore a tooth when it has become damaged, usually by dental caries (decay) or fracture.

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The tooth is first 'prepared' in order to remove damaged or diseased tooth tissue. The tooth is then restored using one or more of a variety of materials, which may be layered to form a foundation and outer covering.

The main aim of a filling is to restore comfort, function and appearance, while maintaining as much of the tooth substance as possible.

The materials we choose from depend on a number of factors such as strength, suitability, durability, appearance and cost.

These materials include:

  • Silver Amalgam – a very strong, durable and cost effective material but poor in colour and contains metals such as mercury
  • Direct Composite Resin – a tooth coloured resin material, which is strong and pleasing to look at but takes longer to place and often costs a little more due to the additional time taken for the correct technique
  • Glass Ionomer – a tooth coloured material, which sticks well to teeth and helps inhibit decay by releasing fluoride, although it is less durable than the other materials. It is often used as a base layer or in children's teeth

Illume dentists believe that outcomes are more important than processes but for all the information you need please ask for a consultation.

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