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What’s going on at Illume in 2018?

A very happy new year to you all and we hope you’ve avoided the dreaded ‘flu and like us are looking forward to lighter evenings and signs of Spring. The daffodils were out on the Lizard, in Cornwall on December 29th so let’s hope they open up country soon.

Many of you know that Leanne, one of our hygienists has been on maternity leave for the past few months and the really good news is that she’ll be back with us on Thursdays and Fridays from April 5th. She’s been missed by clients and the team and we’re very much looking forward to her return.

On the subject of the team at Illume, there are some other milestones approaching this year. It will be 10 years in May since Clare joined us as a trainee dental nurse. Within two years she became a qualified registered dental nurse and now has the title of practice co-ordinator. She’s my right-hand woman and is responsible for the smooth running of Illume, manages the health and safety, operations and finance aspects of the practice, leaving me the more ‘people’ focused areas to lead and manage. 

It will be 10 years this summer since Tim suggested to me I might give up teaching and come and run the practice with him as he had recently become the sole owner. I had my head in the dishwasher at the time, loading it, I hasten to add, not attempting anything silly, and I said yes without hesitation. A decision taken quickly and one that I’m pleased I took. Our lovely clients are better company than your average teenage boy who is unwilling to learn French or do his homework. 

There are two changes upon us that we wanted to give you the heads up about. Firstly, if you are an Illume Member, DPAS who administer the Membership for us will be writing to you about changes relating to the supplementary insurance. Your level of Membership and entitlement to appointments with us sit outside this change and are not affected. If you have any queries regarding the supplementary insurance changes DPAS are happy to take your calls on 01747 440231.

The second change means we need to comply with an EU directive, the General Data Protection Regulation. This directive clarifies your rights under the new regulation and provides more information about how we capture, administer and manage your personal data. You’ll be hearing a lot about this from any business who hold data about you over the next few months. As a result, the medical history form we are legally obliged to ask you to complete in writing every 12 months will change. It is now called the Client Information Security Declaration Form and we will be introducing this very soon.