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Sleep your way to better oral health – Part 1.

At Illume, we’ve been reading an article in this month’s The Probe, a magazine for dental professionals, on the link between periodontitis (gum disease) and lack of sleep.

It’s known that diet and oral care routines have an effect on oral health but less well known how beneficial a good night’s sleep can be.

Sleep gives our bodies a chance to rest and heal and continued lack of sleep can result in more substantial risks and conditions such as heart disease, increased blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Getting less than the recommended amount of sleep has also been linked to mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety and these have been found to have a negative impact on oral health.

Although the amount of sleep we need varies throughout different stages of our life, it’s generally considered that 7-9 hours per night is optimum for those of 26 years of age and over.

Periodontal disease is frequently cited as one of the main causes of tooth loss and so reducing its development is wise. A link has been found specifically between chronic periodontal disease and lack of sleep.

Not getting enough sleep triggers certain inflammatory responses in the body which can lead to swollen gums and the development of periodontal disease over time. Sleep can help gingival problems due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Find out more in part two about the part sleep can play in reducing stress and bruxism (tooth grinding).

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