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New Year New Teeth

At the start of each new year we set about making resolutions. We usually resolve to lose weight, stop smoking or spend more time with family. Some people even make plans to improve the smile they’ve been hiding. This may be straightening or whitening teeth, having new crowns, veneers, dentures or an implant.

There is no doubt that your smile is important. Having a friendly smile with straight white teeth looks great, gives you confidence and well looked after teeth are easier to keep healthy too.

Whatever your reason for no longer wishing to live with a missing tooth, whether it be a forthcoming wedding or being more confident during interviews for your new dream job, an implant could make all the difference. A dental implant is a long-lasting solution to a gap in your teeth. If you look after it, and have an excellent oral hygiene routine it should last for many years.

Tim Rumney, clinical director, said “Missing teeth are commonplace — just look around you — you can’t help but notice. At the front of the mouth they can be seen by all, but people often don’t realise that missing side teeth are really obvious too.

“And that’s just the appearance side of having a gap. Missing teeth cause a variety of other problems, such as drifting and movement of other teeth making them harder to clean, which may lead to gum disease and further tooth loss, and of course when teeth are missing there is more stress on the remaining teeth possibly shortening their life too”.

There are many good reasons for replacing missing teeth, visit our page to find out more information on dental implants: