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National Tooth Fairy Day – it’s so good they celebrate twice!

It’s National Tooth Fairy Day again! You may remember the news about National Tooth Fairy Day back in February this year but did you know that the event is also celebrated on August 22? 

Tim Rumney, practice owner and clinical director at Illume, says: “With disturbing figures continuing to be published about the poor oral health of many children, another chance to raise awareness about the importance of good dental hygiene is very welcome. Baby teeth begin to appear around six months and remain until a child is 13 or 14. Baby teeth help children eat well, speak clearly and allow adult teeth to develop properly.

Even though they will eventually be replaced naturally by permanent adult teeth, baby teeth are very important and should be looked after carefully. Losing them too early can lead to more complicated orthodontic problems later. Every effort should be made to keep them and so they should be brushed twice a day using an age-appropriate toothpaste and children should visit their dentist and hygienist at the recommended interval.

It’s perfectly natural for children to lose their baby teeth at the appropriate time and the Tooth Fairy is a fun tradition that many parents still follow.

A child’s first Tooth Fairy visit is a memorable event. There are different Tooth Fairy traditions around the world, but the most common is the exchange of money for a lost tooth which is placed under the child’s pillow where they sleep.

Do you have any fond tooth fairy memories?