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Looking for kissability this Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, some people will be doing their last-minute preparation – buying a bouquet of flowers, booking a fancy restaurant or even considering tooth whitening. Here at Illume we know that first impressions count; however, we are advising our clients not to rush out to the nearest beautician advertising low cost whitening treatment. 

A recent investigation carried out by the BBC revealed a number of beauticians are still performing illegal teeth whitening. An undercover broadcaster recently visited one in London who was using a chemical containing 25% hydrogen peroxide. That’s four times the legal limit qualified dentists are permitted to use.

Tim Rumney, clinical director at Illume says, “This investigation shows how harmful illegal teeth whitening can be, the biggest risk to visiting an unqualified practitioner is that you are undergoing treatment from someone who is not regulated and is illegally undertaking the practice of dentistry.

There has been a rise in illegal treatments across the UK according to the General Dental Council (GDC).

In one case highlighted by the BBC a patient noted that 35% hydrogen peroxide was used on him by a beautician. He explained that during the procedure the pain was excruciating and went on for 45 minutes. Over the next couple of days, the patient’s mouth became raw, very sensitive and he described it as like having open sores in his mouth.

If you are considering tooth whitening for a special occasion or to boost your confidence, please visit a registered dentist. For further information on how we can light up your smile please call us on 01242 522230 or visit our page.