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It’s never too late to invest in your smile as Steve discovered after talking to Illume

Most people take pride in their daily appearance. It helps with confidence, whether it’s the clothes we wear or our hairstyle. Cosmetically, we can transform ourselves depending on the event or situation we are in, or want to be in.

Here at Illume we often meet clients who tell us how they have always been less than happy with the way their teeth are, whether crooked, or in their words, ‘wonky’ or their teeth don’t align correctly to eat properly, or they are difficult to clean between.

In many cases, it has been an issue for them since their teens when they failed to have corrective action taken or had treatment but then didn’t wear retainers. This has then affected their self-confidence and they feel there is nothing they can now do.

It is never too late to consider getting your confident smile back with the help of orthodontic treatment. No matter what your age there is a usually a solution at Illume.



One of our clients, Steve, from Cheltenham, went through just this experience. As a child, one of his incisors grew out an odd angle. It was 40 years before he decided to do something about it thanks to a chat during a routine Healthy Mouth Review with our clinical director, Tim Rumney.

“When I was young, one of my teeth (the left upper lateral incisor) appeared at an unfortunate angle, sticking out proud of my other teeth. During my pre-teen years in the early 1970’s, I wore a brace to correct the offending tooth. The procedure was only partially successful, so I lived with it for the next 40 years or so,” said Steve.

It's not too late

“When I reached my mid 50’s, a point at which some people may question the idea of orthodontics, I decided to revisit the idea of straightening that tooth. I also felt, rightly or wrongly, that my central incisors were starting to tuck in and I found myself wondering what the possibilities were.”

Steve was discussing this with Tim when he began talking about the issue. This led to a detailed discussion and review.

“The process and its potential were discussed in great detail and ‘before and after’ photographs of previous patients were made available to show just what could be achieved. It was also interesting to hear from members of the friendly team at Illume that had received similar treatment so that I knew what to expect,” added Steve.

“A detailed plan was drawn up, fees were discussed, impressions were taken, both top and bottom, and 3D images created to give an accurate projection of the result.”

There is a range of options for a client to consider when considering orthodontics. Should it be removable or fixed? That might sound complicated, but, as Tim explains, it is not.

“It depends on the condition of the teeth, the movements needed to correct them and the client’s expectations.

“In straightforward terms, a removable solution means the appliances used can be removed for cleaning and sometimes eating. They can be very effective but may not achieve the range of movements achievable through fixed brackets.”

Tim added: “A fixed bracket is permanent throughout the process of straightening the teeth, which can be as little as 6 months but is more typically 9 to 12 – but is very effective.

“We also discuss full correction or limited objective. Full correction of crowded or misaligned teeth can be complex and time-consuming. In many cases, we undertake Anterior Alignment Orthodontics (AAO), which is where we can improve the appearance of the front teeth without moving the back teeth, which is usually simpler. We use highly skilled digital  laboratory support to assist in diagnosis and planning and provide detailed predictions of likely appearance."



In Steve’s case, fixed, permanent brackets were used.

“I was told to expect 18 months or so to achieve the final result. The first week or so was quite uncomfortable, but it's amazing how quickly you get used to having bits of wire and plastic in your mouth,” he said.

"Incredibly pleased"

“Little by little everything started to line up and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my whole smile was starting to change. Eighteen months later and it was time for the ‘debond’ and grand reveal. Wow! It was so worth the time and effort and I was incredibly pleased with the results. I could hardly believe how much my smile had improved.”

We are delighted with Steve’s results, as are our other clients who not only visit us from throughout Gloucestershire but other parts of the UK.

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