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International Kissing Day

With International Kissing Day on July 6, Illume is reminding clients and members of the wider community about the importance of good oral hygiene.

International Kissing Day is a chance to show your loved ones you care with a kiss, but for some with bad breath or yellow teeth being so intimate with anyone is a worrying thought.

“If you think this may apply to you or someone you care about then please use this day as one to make an appointment for a New Client Consultation, if you haven’t seen us before or a Healthy Mouth Review if you are a client without one currently booked.

Dental diseases are a complex interaction between many factors, some of which can be controlled or eliminated and some of which are specific to an individual’s genetic makeup over which we have no control. 

Gum disease and tooth decay can vary in their activity at different times in our lives and even vary in different parts of the same mouth. It is also widely believed that gum disease can have an effect on overall health. Regular hygiene support delivered through Membership at Illume is an excellent way where we can help you to maintain good oral hygiene. We also offer a ‘Light up your Smile’ service which gives clients who aren’t regular members or attendees at Illume the opportunity for direct access to our hygienists.

“We want everyone to be confident in their oral hygiene and are proud to have been Creating Kissability since 1987 so please come and see us now if you have any concerns and we will be delighted to help,” he added.

Find out more about Creating Kissability here.