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Improve your oral health with Dry January

Dry January ‘dryathletes' give up alcohol for a month and watch the pounds tumble off the waistline - and after Christmas, who doesn't want that?

Liver disease is at the top of the list of what alcohol can do to us, but we rarely take a second to think about what other problems can arise.

Alcohol is responsible for around four per cent of cancers in the UK, and it's not just heavy drinkers who are affected. Excessive drinking can increase risks of mouth cancer by up to four times of that of a non-drinker. The Dry January campaign aims to get you abstaining for a month. As mouth cancer campaigners the Dental Health Foundation fully supports giving up alcohol for any period of time which reduces the risk. 

Here are 5 ways Dry January can help your oral health:

• Decreased sugar intake: many alcoholic drinks are laden with sugar so cutting down is a great way of reducing sugar intake. 

• Reduced acid erosion risk: tooth enamel is an incredibly tough substance. Many alcoholic drinks, including wine and prosecco, are highly acidic which is harmful for your teeth.

• Decreased oral cancer risk: Alcohol is one of the most significant risk factors for oral cancer.

• Lower risk of staining: most us want a bright and beautiful smile. Many drinks, including dark ales, spirits and mixers and wine contribute to staining and discolouration. 

• Peaceful nights: Sometimes, when you drink, you tend to snore because alcohol causes the muscles in the throat to relax. 

We are advising our clients to use this month as a motivational starting point to change drinking habits and adopt a healthier routine that is possible to continue for the rest of the year.

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