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Illume welcomes fact more people clean between their teeth

At Illume we are surprised by recent research that shows nearly two in three people are cleaning between their teeth regularly as well as brushing. We do, however, welcome the news very much.

A survey by the Oral Health Foundation, carried out as part of National Smile Month which runs until June 16, found 62% now use interdental brushes or floss compared with just 19% in 2007.

Tim Rumney, practice owner and clincial director at Illume, says: “This research shows that clients are now more fully aware of the importance of not just cleaning their teeth but also in between them as well, especially after eating.

“Brushing only cleans some of the surfaces of our teeth, so cleaning between them is a critical part of good oral hygiene as it helps to prevent gum disease by removing plaque from areas that the toothbrush alone cannot reach.

“This is particularly important for more vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the very young and those with auto-immune disease, all of whom are more susceptible to infections from the bacteria in the mouth which can lead to conditions such as diabetes and even dementia,” he added.

But the age old question of which is best – interdental brushes or flossing?

Tim says: “Interestingly this study found more than a third of British adults now choose interdental brushes (34%), surpassing traditional floss (31%) for the first time. 

"Research shows flossing not to be very effective and this is because it is difficult to do. It works if it is done properly but most people will get a significantly better result with brushes and softpiks.

“Whichever you are using I would urge you to keep on cleaning between your teeth as well as brushing twice a day because your oral health really will benefit. Remember the mantra, clean every surface of every tooth, every day. And finally, you don’t have to clean all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep," he added.

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