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Illume says ‘Say Ahh – Act on Mouth Health’ ahead of World Oral Health Day

Twice a day we should all be doing something that can have a positive impact on our general health and wellbeing – looking after our teeth, by brushing them and maintaining good oral hygiene with cleaning between teeth and a healthy diet.

Yes, believe it or not good oral health can be attributed to much more than just our teeth and gums.

On 20th March, the team here at Illume will be marking World Oral Health Day. First launched in 2007, the campaign is held on 20th March each year, focusing attention on the promotion of good oral health, with the aim of reducing gum disease and other associated oral and health conditions.

While it’s a global campaign, it all starts at a local level with dentists and oral health professionals like our team here in Queens Road.

“Tooth decay and gum disease are preventable through proper self-care and regular healthy mouth reviews with a dentist and hygiene support visits with a hygienist and that’s what World Oral Health Day is all about promoting,” said Tim Rumney, Clinical Director at Illume.

“What many people do not realise is that by having good oral hygiene, combined with a healthy diet, they can be preventing other health issues and diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory and some cancers.”

Did you know:

- Tooth decay is the largest cause of inpatient general anaesthetic hospital admissions for children
- Sugar is a leading risk factor for tooth decay, affecting nearly 100% of adults, making it the single most      prevalent and preventable disease in the world
- Globally, around 30% of people aged 65-74 years have no natural teeth

“That’s why we explain to our patients about the importance of good oral hygiene. It’s not just about having a regular check up with a dentist or hygienist, but combining these with daily oral care, such as brushing and cleaning between your teeth twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. Clean every surface of every tooth every day.

“Then there’s the dietary factor. Sugar is a major cause of tooth decay and this can be in the form of sweets, sugary drinks and other foods that you might not actually think have high sugar levels.”

Illume offers a range of dental services that can ensure good health and hygiene. These include:

Healthy Mouth Review
- Hygiene visits
- Gum health treatments
Mouth Cancer Screening
- Cosmetic dentistry
- Treatments

Perhaps one of the most important is a Healthy Mouth Review. This is much more than a check-up. It’s about finding out what you want and how we can help in terms of your teeth and allows us to undertake a full review of your mouth to bring any problems or opportunities to your attention. We undertake a 14-point review which can be found here.

From here we create a plan and programme of treatments that is bespoke for you. Whether it’s just keeping on top of oral hygiene or to more advanced cosmetic work – tooth straightening, orthodontics, teeth whitening, bridges, veneers, etc. to bring a winning Illume smile to your face and confidence to your daily life.

You can find out about the full range of Illume services and treatments here. Or give our team a call on 01242 522230.

Why not get involved in World Oral Health Day yourself and help motivate others, young and old, to consider their oral health more. You can help promote it through your social media channels by using the hashtag #worldoralhealthday.