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Good oral hygiene key to Creating Kissability

With National Kissing Day being celebrated for the 11th time on June 23, Illume wants to remind clients and the wider community of the importance of good oral hygiene so they can join in with the celebrations.

Here at Illume we are proud to have been Creating Kissability since 1987 and know that no-one wants to kiss someone who has bad breath or discoloured teeth.

Tim Rumney, practice owner and clinical director at Illume, says: “This national day gives everyone an opportunity to love their own oral health and ensure they can kiss with confidence.

“There can be nothing more awkward than having your loved one lean in for a kiss and being completely repelled by your bad breath.

“Both men and women can suffer from bad breath and the tongue is usually the most common culprit but it could be a sign of gum disease or bacteria building up on the tongue and gums. 

“In most cases, brushing twice a day and flossing or cleaning with interdental brushes will solve the problem and mouthwashes may also help. And it’s a good idea to clean your tongue too – special tongue brushes and scrapers are available to use with tongue cleaning gels and sprays; some of which are available to purchase at Illume.

“If the problem persists, however, please be sure to make an appointment for a Healthy Mouth Review which will ensure any underlying causes can both be diagnosed and treated so you can be totally kissable once more.

“Many people are also put off kissing by discoloured teeth and we can help to Light Up Your Smile with our state-of-the-art Airflow treatment that uses innovative technology to gently remove surface stains with air, water and specialist powders resulting in a fresh and sparkling smile,” he added.

Illume offers a range of services for Creating Kissability so why not book an appointment now.