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Easter and your teeth

Easter is nearly upon us and with it the ever growing demand for all things chocolate. From bunnies, classic Easter eggs and cupcakes, there are different gifts to suit every taste. Here at Illume, we know there is nothing wrong with enjoying a chocolate treat every now and then but we would like to remind you not to forget about your family’s teeth this Easter.

It is inevitable that sweets and chocolate are going to be consumed this weekend but to minimise the damage we suggest limiting yourself and your children or grandchildren to only consuming these sweet treats at a specific time rather than allowing continual grazing throughout the day.

Tim Rumney, Illume practice owner and clinical director says: “To set aside a ‘treat o’clock’ time is a really good idea as this limits your teeth’s exposure to the sugary treats. It is prolonged exposure that leads to decay so please try this and ensure you brush your teeth thoroughly afterwards as well. 

Dark chocolate is often a better choice as it can contain less sugar than other chocolate and it’s also advisable to drink plenty of water when indulging in Easter treats, instead of fizzy drinks and sugary juices, as these are very acidic and cause erosion of the teeth.

Tim adds, “It is especially important that throughout the Easter weekend people make sure they keep to their usual oral hygiene routine, especially brushing at least twice a day, starting with when you wake up and then before you go to bed, however late that might be.

Illume will close at 5.20pm on Thursday 29th March and will reopen at 8.20am on Tuesday 3rd April. The usual emergency on-call service is available to our clients so please call 01242 522230 to find out the name and contact details of the on-call dentists.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter.