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Don’t forget the benefits of Illume Membership during the holiday period

At this time of year many of our clients will be packing and getting ready to go on summer holidays and it seems a good time to remind you that all adult and child members at Illume benefit from the request for assistance fund to cover dental trauma and emergency when you are away from home.

Follow this link for details of what happens in an emergency, what is covered and emergency helplines both in the UK and abroad.

In the unfortunate event that you do need treatment, you pay at the time and obtain a receipt which you then bring to us. We will send this with the claim forms we hold here to DPAS who administer the Membership and they will then reimburse you, according to policy limits.

After the holidays – it’s Back to School!

Most people don’t want to be thinking about going back to school in September at the beginning of the holidays…… 

However, it’s again a good time to remind you that if your children are playing rugby, lacrosse or hockey at school, or participate in other contact sports, we strongly advise them to wear a sports mouth guard. Of course, this applies to adults too! 

We’ve seen too many scary photos of broken teeth following sporting injuries where people weren’t wearing a guard and we don’t want our clients to be among them.

If you’d like to book an appointment for a guard, please call us on 01242 522230. We need 15 minutes to take some impressions and the guard is usually back from the laboratory two weeks later. Fees start from £70 for children and £93 for adults and we think this is a better investment than having to pay for treatment to rebuild broken teeth.

Why not contact us now on 01242 522230 to book an appointment?