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DIY dentistry - it’s never a good idea

There has been a lot of talk recently about DIY dentistry and there is a growing trend to post videos on YouTube of people carrying out their own ‘treatment’.

One of the reasons given for this trend is because phobics cannot face visiting their dentist, and so they try to solve their dental problems themselves. This may seem unthinkable for most of us. However, for some, the fear is so irrational and deep seated, they would rather ‘have a go’ themselves and don’t realise they are making things worse, potentially much worse.

A while ago, Which? magazine found that about three million people have attempted DIY dentistry, with three million more knowing someone else who has.

The research revealed that, from those who said they had attempted DIY dentistry, 26% had extracted one of their own teeth with pliers and 12% tried the same thing using a piece of string tied to a door handle. Worryingly, 30% had tried to whiten their teeth with household cleaning products. There were other scary stories. People admitted to bursting ulcers with pins, holding a loose filling in place with chewing gum and repairing a filling or crown with household glue.

 There is also a growing trend of people purchasing DIY dental kits and attempting to carry out their own treatment. One of the main reasons why DIY dentistry should not be attempted is because you are not able to diagnose and prescribe the correct course of treatment. DIY dentistry may seem like a good option for those who are frightened to see a dentist, but case studies show that those who have attempted to treat themselves usually enter a vicious circle where oral health often deteriorates badly. 

If you are scared or unwilling to visit and you need treatment, it’s really important that you speak to a dentist. You may be surprised at how helpful and understanding he or she is.

At Illume we are used to welcoming nervous clients and we encourage them to explain their dental history and what they’d like to achieve from their visits to us. If you’d like to talk to an understanding dentist with great communication skills, give us a call on 01242 522230 or email