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Celebrating 20 years of World Smile Day

Every year on the first Friday of October, we celebrate World Smile Day; a day devoted to smiles and acts of kindness all over the world. This year marks 20 years since this day was first celebrated.

A smile truly is a gift we give to others; it instantly lifts our spirits and those around us. But unfortunately, many people are not happy about the appearance of their teeth and avoid smiling due to lack of self-confidence.

We love to help our clients create more beautiful smiles, so each year as this day approaches, Illume wishes to remind clients and the wider community how the practice can help to make you feel fabulous by ensuring you have bright and shiny teeth.

Our top Light Up Your Smile services include:

Air polishing
Illume’s Airflow treatment uses innovative technology to gently remove surface stains with air, water and specialist powders to create a fresh and sparkling smile and remove surface stains caused by tobacco, food and drink.

Tooth whitening
Illume’s professional Tooth Whitening will help remove stains and dark pigmentation from the teeth using safe whitening gels with a gentle sustained release action under the care and supervision of a dentist.

Resin infiltration – a new technique using resins to help mask unsightly white spots on enamel. This is especially useful after whitening and where tooth surfaces have become damaged through early demineralisation or have naturally occurring enamel blemishes.

Tooth straightening
Illume offers a variety of treatments including tooth coloured fixed braces and removeable clear aligners for effective but discreet straightening of front teeth. There is a rapid growth in adults having this procedure for which you are never too old. Come and see Tim Rumney for a free no obligations chat about whether this could help you.

Tim Rumney, Clinical Director at Illume, says:

“It’s amazing to see that this day is still so wonderfully celebrated, even 20 years on. But it’s unfortunate that there are still people reluctant to smile due to worrying about the appearance of their teeth. Smiling is one of the most admirable, contagious acts, so get in touch so that we can help you become confident with yours.”

The team at Illume want to keep your smile beaming all year round too, so make sure you attend regular check-ups to keep on top of your oral health.