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Are fruit teas damaging your teeth?

Can your teeth handle anything you eat or drink? Well, maybe not everything. Cheltenham based dental practice, Illume is highlighting how some popular drinks are very high in acidity. A recent investigation by the King’s College London has shown that fruit teas and flavoured water consumed between meals can increase erosive tooth wear.

Fruit teas have become fashionably healthy in recent years as an alternative to other beverages. The recent report showed that tea and coffee lovers are probably better off sticking with their usual cup. The drinks found with the highest levels of acid were ginger, lemon, berry and rosehip and even hot water with lemon added to the erosion. A fruit’s natural acids corrode teeth even faster when heated up with hot water, reports the King’s College London.

Tim Rumney, practice owner and clinical director said “An acid diet can result in the loss of tooth enamel and dentine, which is known as erosive tooth wear. Erosive tooth wear is ranked as the third most important dental problem after cavities and gum disease.”

The research found that people that consumed these beverages twice a day between meals were more than 11 times more likely to have moderate or severe tooth erosion. This figure was halved when drinks were consumed with meals.

The team at King’s College London also reported that those who sipped their drinks slowly or swilled them around in their mouths had an increased risk of tooth erosion.

“This study has shown that the way we consume acidic food and drink has a significant impact on erosive tooth wear and that it is important that you cut down on your intake of acidic foods and drinks and visit your dentist regularly,” added Tim.

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