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All I want is to be able to eat a tomato...

That doesn’t sound like too much to ask does it?

At Illume we always ask clients, both old and new if they’re happy with the appearance of their teeth, if they can eat everything they’d like to or if there are any other issues they’d like to talk over.

A few months ago, a lady joining us after many years of attending another Cheltenham practice told us she’d love to be able to eat a tomato. She was unable to as she had a poorly fitting denture and had assumed that nothing different or better was available. We were able to disprove that and several weeks later she left Illume beaming.

There were two reasons for that. Firstly, at her previous practice she had never been offered the opportunity of seeing a hygienist and receiving the benefits of professional teeth cleaning and oral hygiene instruction that clients receive when they visit us at Illume. After a new client oral health improvement programme with our hygienist department, the client had a much better understanding of how to look after her teeth and gums and her periodontal health is much improved. And secondly, her previous dentist had been patching up and repairing teeth rather than providing a comprehensive solution.

Her new denture is a great fit, enabling her to eat one of her favourite things……a lovely fresh tomato. Sometimes in life it’s the little things.