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The Parable of the Restaurant owned by a Dentist!

Tim Rumney writes
My friend and business coach recently relayed this tale to me.
A couple decided to go to a newly opened fine dining restaurant. It was beautifully decorated inside with pleasant music playing.  They were warmly welcomed and seated by the headwaiter who then left them alone.
They waited for the menu to be brought to them but he didn’t return. They waited and waited and wondered why there was such a delay.
Sometime later they saw him and attracted his attention. He came over to them and they asked him why they had not yet received a menu.
He replied, ‘Oh, didn’t you realise…this restaurant is owned by a dentist’. They looked puzzled and asked what difference that should make. He replied ‘Well, just like when you visit the dentist we look at you when you come in, decide what you need and then go and cook it!’
So, a silly story perhaps but it makes a serious point. As a profession we have perhaps too often decided what our clients need without asking them what they actually want. Now, sometimes clients may not know what exactly they want, or they may know what they would like but don’t know that it’s available or that they could have it.
We often see dental procedures as a series of processes and have complicated names for them. Perhaps it is easier to think in terms of the outcomes from dentistry rather than the processes involved.
Here is a list of outcomes and benefits, a sort of ‘menu’ perhaps, for you to choose from:

  • Straighter teeth
  • Whiter teeth
  • A brighter more even smile
  • Gaps filled with lifelike teeth
  • Strong and long lasting and lifelike rebuilding of damaged teeth
  • Freedom from dental decay
  • Freedom from gum disease
  • Freedom from pain, infection and abscess
  • Gums that don’t bleed
  • Fresh breath

If you see anything on the menu above that you’d like, or would at least like to talk to us about, then ask us at your next visit, or call to book an appointment – we’d love to help – just tell us what outcome you’d like!