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Packed lunches that boost brains and oral health

This week thousands of children have headed back to school to start another year of education, and here at Illume we have investigated some top foods that will not only maintain good oral health but will also help to boost concentration in the classroom.

Good oral health can be achieved by brushing your teeth twice a day and by eating the right diet rich in vitamins, minerals and fresh fruit and vegetables. Coincidentally, these foods also fuel the brain and boost concentration for long periods, ideal for those first few weeks back at school.

Practice Owner Tim Rumney comments, “It is no secret that children enjoy sugary foods like sweets, chocolate and cakes, however packing their lunch boxes full with treats causes more harm than good. Not only do high levels of refined sugar cause dental decay and contribute to gum disease, it can also affect concentration – resulting in bursts of hyperactivity followed by acute reductions in blood sugar levels.”

Dental experts have found that for those with a sweet tooth it is not so much the amount of sugar consumed, but rather how often it is eaten - suggesting sweet treats should be limited to meal times to balance acid with alkaline foods.

Tim continues, “For your oral health it is always better to eat sweeter or more acidic foods with alkaline foods to balance the effect on your teeth. This also works for brain activity and helps to assist a slower release of energy, particularly if the alkaline food is a protein – which has been proven to slow down the release of sugar from carbohydrates.”

As a family run business, Illume understands the pressures of providing ‘healthy’ foods for lunchboxes. Therefore, the team has compiled a list of top 10 foods and snacks ideal for maintaining good oral health and concentration levels at school this year:

1. Raw carrot, cucumber & pepper sticks
2. Wholegrain pittas with protein based filling such as tuna, eggs or cheese. Eggs and tuna also contain omega-3 to boost brain power!
3. Unsalted or unsweetened nuts like almonds
4. Breadsticks
5. Savoury flapjacks
6. Cheese chunks
7. Blueberries, raspberries & strawberries cure a sweet tooth and are low in acid
8. Unsweetened popcorn
9. Oatcakes and hummus
10. Low sugar yoghurt or fromage frais

For further information about the benefits of healthy eating for improved oral health or to book a dental or hygienist appointment please contact the practice directly on 01242 522230.