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Orthondontic treatment brings a smile to Craig’s face

Cheltenham based dental practice, Illume, has reported a 30% increase in adults receiving orthodontic treatment over the past 12 months.

According to Illume’s research, factors such as marriage, divorce, reunions and career development represent the top four triggers for this increase in demand. There is also a percentage of clients who either received orthodontic treatment in their teens but did not continue with the aftercare and clients who neglected the opportunity altogether due to fear of braces, and both groups now regret this in later life. 

Music teacher Craig Morgan had always worried about his crooked front teeth but thought it was too late to have anything done about them until he went to Illume and discovered how easy it would be for him to get the perfect smile he had always wanted.

He said: “The options were explained to me and the braces I chose were not very visible at all and it certainly didn’t hurt. After the orthodontic treatment was finished I whitened my teeth as well.

“I am genuinely pleased with the results and it has given me extra confidence especially when teaching and I am now happy to smile.

“I would not hesitate to recommend orthodontic treatment to my friends and family,” he added.

Both Illume’s clinicians, Tim and Simon, are able to straighten your teeth and between them use a variety of techniques such as Simply Smile (which uses discreet tooth coloured brackets and wires)and Inman aligner™

If you are unhappy with your teeth and would like to benefit from the extra confidence that an attractive smile can bring please ask Illume for a free consultation to discuss the possibilities and options open to you by calling 01242 522230.

To find out more about Craig’s experiences please view this short film on our YouTube channel.