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New Year - new whiter and brighter smile?

The way people see a visit to the dentist has changed significantly in recent years with clients actively choosing some treatments, instead of visiting us only as a necessity and then somewhat reluctantly.

Among the desired treatments of tooth straightening, dental implants and others, tooth whitening continues to be extremely popular.

The UK has an aging but increasingly healthy population with a desire to grow older more beautifully. Around 50% of people over 85 still have some of their natural teeth which is a big difference from previous generations. Tooth whitening can be an effective way to remove stains from teeth, brighten their appearance and make clients look younger

At the other end of the age scale, the younger generation is used to seeing celebrities and other people in the public eye with sparkling smiles and they want to have the same.

There are many tooth whitening options available from a variety of sources and this is a good opportunity to emphasise that it is illegal for beauticians and hair salons to offer tooth whitening unless they have a dentist prescribing and overseeing the treatment on their premises. Having whitening carried out by someone without the correct knowledge and training can permanently damage teeth and gums.

Tooth whitening at Illume offers excellent value for money, is a great way to refresh your smile and can be an enormous confidence booster.

Find out what existing clients say about tooth whitening here, or call us on 01242 522230 for a consultation to take the first step to a whiter and brighter smile.