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Mouth Cancer Foundation Chooses Illume as its 'Practice of the Month'

We are delighted to announce that the Mouth Cancer Foundation has chosen Illume as its ‘Practice of the Month’ for February, due to Illume’s continuous commitment to the Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation scheme(MCSAS).

Illume joined the MCSAS in September 2013, becoming the first practice in Cheltenham to offer free mouth cancer screening services to local people, even those who are not regular clients.

Though many practices carry out screening, Illume is the first dental practice in Cheltenham to receive this accreditation, which is only awarded to practices that have completed the required continuous professional development and training implemented by the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

Prior to receiving the accreditation, Illume provided its clients with mouth cancer screening as part of its healthy mouth review service, a thorough examination which is far more extensive than a traditional quick dental ‘check-up’.

February is particularly significant for Illume to be awarded ‘Practice of the Month’ by the Mouth Cancer Foundation as the 4th of February 2014 is World Cancer Day, a global event that aims to raise awareness of this condition by ‘debunking myths’ associated with cancer.

In particular, World Cancer Day aims to encourage individuals to talk about the disease in order to learn signs and symptoms, understand different types of cancer treatment and individual rights for cancer care.

Practice Owner, Tim Rumney says, “Here at Illume we discuss mouth cancer with our clients on a daily basis as part of a Healthy Mouth Review or in the  ‘2 minutes to save a life’ free mouth cancer screening service to the general public. We also provide clients with lifestyle advice that could considerably cut their risk of mouth cancer, and explain signs and symptoms that should not be ignored.”

World Cancer Day provides an excellent timely reminder of Illume’s free mouth cancer screening service, and how increased education is helping to raise awareness of the condition.

Tim continues, “Talking about mouth cancer helps people become more aware of the condition and of the risk factors associated with it. This in turn helps them make lifestyle choices that may significantly reduce their risk - however you can’t eliminate all risk so Mouth Cancer Screening is crucial in detecting it at an early stage, the key message in saving lives.””

For clients who require further information about mouth cancer, the Illume website has a dedicated Mouth Cancer Screening page that provides relevant details about signs and symptoms of the disease as well as statistical information and advice about risk factors.

For further information about World Cancer Day please visit the official website.