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Illume uses 'Intraoral Camera' to help keep clients informed

Illume dental practice prides itself on its commitment towards client care, where all clients are made to feel at ease during dental appointments and involved with the planning of their dentistry.

Part of this duty of client care is listening carefully to all of our clients to make sure their individual oral health needs and well-being are the central focus of all appointments. Illume dentists take the time to discuss the client’s dental wants, needs and expectations and communicate all treatment options available, including a clear indication of associated fees.

A great way to aid communication is the use of an intraoral camera to take digital photographs of problem areas of the mouth or of particular teeth, in order to demonstrate why treatment is required.

The photographs allow the client to visualise the problem area, aiding patient education and increasing understanding for required treatment – in turn this allows clients to make informed decisions moving forwards.

Practice Owner, Tim Rumney, confirms, “They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the use of an intraoral camera is an excellent tool for allowing clients to see a detailed view of their mouth. Typically the camera magnifies the teeth by 40 to 60 times their original size, allowing the client to see the full extent of the problem, aiding their understanding for relevant treatment. This really helps involve a client with their own treatment planning."

“The intraoral camera is particularly valuable for showing clients ‘before and after’ images for restorative treatments, so they are able to see why treatment was necessary and how it has improved their oral health. It can also help clients to understand why dental work can sometimes be so intricate and complex”

Illume dentists have been using an intraoral camera since 2010 and believe it to be a positive – even invaluable - tool for aiding communication with clients.

Have you experienced the benefits of an intraoral camera at Illume? If so, we would love to hear from you – either email us your comments to or submit them to our Facebook page.