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Illume records 30% increase in demand for adult orthodontics!

Cheltenham based dental practice, Illume, has reported a 30% increase in adults receiving orthodontic treatment over the past 12 months.

According to Illume’s research, factors such as marriage, divorce, reunions and career development represent the top four triggers for this increase in demand. There is also a percentage of clients who either received orthodontic treatment in their teens but did not continue with the aftercare and clients who neglected the opportunity altogether due to fear of braces, and both groups now regret this in later life. 

One of Illume’s nurses, Alice Titcomb, aged 27, first received orthodontic treatment when she was a teenager, but over ten years later noticed that her teeth were moving and were not as straight as they had been following her initial treatment.

As a result, Alice became increasingly self-conscious, wanted to provide a positive image for our clients and knew from working at Illume that she was not too old for orthodontic treatment.

She explains, ‘’After an initial consultation with Tim I realised that I am able to have this treatment and that modern day braces are hardly visible compared with the ones I wore as a child. I finished my treatment very recently and as so many clients have commented on how good my teeth look, my confidence has really increased.  I can easily maintain the results of my treatment by wearing retainers when I go to bed every night, and just wish I had known that years ago!” 

Practice Owner and Clinical Director of Illume, Tim Rumney, commented: “When adults think of orthodontics, the majority recall conspicuous Ugly Betty style braces, that they believe are painful and unattractive.’’

‘’Clients see people in the media with straight white teeth and that coupled with life changes such as marriage or a promotion at work are encouraging an increasing number of adults to find out more about orthodontic treatment, and when they realise that modern day braces can be practically invisible they are  happy to go ahead with treatment,” he added.

Based in Queens Road, Cheltenham, Illume is one of the town’s longest standing private dental practices, which combines over 150 years of clinical experience through its dedicated team of dentists and hygienists.

For more details on orthodontics at Illume please visit its dedicated web page here, or call the practice directly on 01242 522230 to make an appointment. 

Our pictures show, top to bottom, Alice before treatment showing poor incisor alignment, Alice with the SimplySMile brace system in place (tooth coloured and discreet), Alice's lowers complete and with neat hidden bonded retainer in place, and, bottom, the final result showing straightened upper and lower incisors.