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Illume improves oral health with specialist hygienist service

You may have noticed that Illume has been regularly updating its social media pages recently with helpful tips and advice for improving and maintaining good oral health in support of National Smile Month 2014 which began on 19th May.

During this time, Illume has also received the results of its latest client survey, and is delighted to report that an excellent 93% of our surveyed clients visit Illume’s team of hygienists on a regular basis, in order to help prevent oral health conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease.

In light of these recent results and in support of National Smile Month, we thought it was an appropriate time to remind both our clients and the local community about our popular hygienist service and the benefits of using it to improve oral health.

Many people associate a visit to the dental hygienist with teeth cleaning or a thorough ‘scale and polish’ – although this is true, our hygienists understand there is more to great oral health than just cleaning your teeth, and as a result provide clients with additional services that include:

- Application of antibacterial agents
- Measurement of plaque levels
- Assessment of gum disease and tooth decay
- Treatment of any localised flare ups
- Oral health risk assessment
- Tips and advice for maintaining good oral health

Practice Owner, Tim Rumney, comments “Regular visits to a dental hygienist is an excellent way to achieve and maintain optimum oral health by helping to control risk factors for conditions like gum disease.

“Many people are unaware that firstly bad oral health can be related to other health conditions and secondly it’s important to monitor plaque levels, gum health and tooth decay. Here at Illume we have a team of three highly qualified dental hygienists who  do their utmost to ensure all our clients maintain good oral health.”

For further information about Illume’s hygienist service please contact the practice directly on 01242 522230.