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Illume helps local hairdresser smile with confidence

Illume is delighted to report that local hairdresser, Becky Leech, now smiles with confidence thanks to its professional tooth whitening service.

As a hairdresser in one of Cheltenham’s leading salons, Becky spends a large part of her day speaking and listening to clients. Although her teeth were not in bad condition, she did not feel overly happy with her smile and often shied away from showing her teeth in photographs.

Becky comments, “If someone was to ask what I liked best about myself, I would never have chosen my teeth or smile and often found myself smiling with my mouth closed when a photograph was being taken.”

After an initial consultation which included impressions for dental trays, Becky used whitening gels on her teeth most nights while asleep for four weeks. With impressive results and a more than noticeable difference to the shade of her teeth, Becky is extremely happy with her new smile.

She confirms, “I noticed a huge difference after the teeth whitening process – so much so that everyone I meet and all my hairdressing clients now comment on how white and shiny my teeth are. This has really boosted my confidence and my smile, which is just what I was hoping for.”

Illume’s professional tooth whitening service helps to remove stains and dark pigmentation from the teeth with a gentle sustained release action. The treatment process is virtually painless – some people experience a little sensitivity - and completed in the comfort of a client’s own home through the use of specially moulded dental trays and appropriately strengthed whitening gels for overnight or daytime treatment.

Research has shown the whitening effect can last some years, however teeth will darken at a faster rate if they are exposed to staining products like tobacco, coffee, tea, red wine etc - Illume also offers supervised ‘top up’ whitening as part of ongoing dental care and maintenance.

Practice owner, Tim Rumney, comments “Here at Illume we take the time to listen to all of our client’s needs very carefully and advise the best course of treatment based on their requirements.

“Professional tooth whitening is an excellent way to invest in improving your smile, your appearance and your confidence at any stage in life and often gives people the extra boost they need to make a change - whether that’s going for a new job, requesting a promotion or starting a new relationship following divorce.”

As a new client to Illume, Becky was extremely impressed by the personal treatment she received at the practice, and particularly the time taken to explain the tooth whitening procedure.

Becky finishes, “Every time I visited Illume I did not feel rushed or as though the practitioners were against the clock, and as a result felt very relaxed and comfortable even in the dentist’s chair. Overall the team were brilliant and I am very grateful for their professional and friendly service.”

Previously a grey area, the law on tooth whitening is now clear. It is a procedure that can only be legally prescribed by qualified dentists to ensure the protection of all clients’ teeth and health. For further information about professional tooth whitening and the benefits it can provide for you, please contact the practice directly on 01242 522230.