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Illume changes its dental emergency and call out procedure

From January 1st 2014 Illume is joining a rota comprising a number of local dental practices in the Cheltenham, Bishops Cleeve, Winchcombe and Tewkesbury area, which provides on-call services for dental emergencies at weekends and Bank Holidays.

During the week, in the evening you will have access to Illume dentists for emergency advice.

Dental emergencies amongst our regular clients are generally rare but in the unfortunate event of requiring emergency advice or treatment the on-call rota can be accessed by calling our normal practice number,01242 522230, and following directions to access the on-call dentist.

What is a Dental Emergency?

It may be helpful to list the kind of problems which constitute a dental emergency requiring attendance at the emergency facilities of the on-call dentist.

Typically a dental emergency would be one of the following:

• Acute sudden onset pain not responding to normal painkilling medication
• Bleeding from an extraction site which cannot be stopped with normal home applied measures
• Rapidly increasing swelling in the face or neck, especially if it is both sides
• Traumatic injury – a blow to the face or jaws resulting in tooth damage or displacement (severe trauma possibly resulting in fracture of facial bones should be seen at A&E)
The purpose of the Emergency On-call Rota is to provide advice, emergency care to stabilise your condition and help control pain. General dental treatment required as a result of the emergency is not provided by the on-call dentist and clients return to their regular dentist for this.

Illume Membership Clients

For all our clients in Membership (your monthly payment Membership administered by DPAS) the fee for emergency call-out when required is covered by the Supplementary Insurance. It works as follows:

• A call is made to ILLUME and you will be directed to the on-call dentist emergency number
• If  an emergency call-out is required then you will be directed to the appropriate location and time – explain that you are an Illume client and have DPAS insurance cover
• You attend the emergency facility for advice and emergency treatment if required
• You are required to pay the first £15 of the call out fee (under the terms of Membership and Supplementary insurance)
• You will also be required to complete an insurance claim form with your details and the on-call practice is then able to claim the remaining balance of the call-out fee up to policy limits.

Non-Member Clients

• For clients who have not joined Illume Membership (monthly payment system) you will be required to pay for the call-out and emergency treatment if required.
• The fee payable to the on-call dentist is £95
Most of our clients join Illume Membership for many good reasons including emergency and accidental damage insurance. If you have not yet joined and would like to know more please visit the Membership page on the website or call us and we will be happy to advise further.

If you require any further information about the changes to Illume's dental emergency and call out procedure please contact the practice directly.