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How your smile can make or break career success

Last month Illume’s Non-Clinical Director, Alison Rumney, discussed the well-researched link between a great looking smile and improved confidence and self-esteem. 

However, how many of us are aware that our teeth also have a part to play in career development? Where a healthy smile improves our confidence, it can also aid our ability to perform and relate to others in the work place.

Alison explains, “We often feel less confident in a new or potentially challenging situation. When we apply for a new job or promotion, we prepare for the interview that we hope will follow – we plan what we’ll say and think about what we may be asked. We also think about what we’ll wear and consider getting a haircut in order to sharpen our appearance. 

“We should also think about our smile – no-one wants to be the interviewee who speaks from behind a hand because they are embarrassed about a smile they would like to hide from others.”

Improving your smile could be one of the best investments you make for career success. Healthy, white and sparkling teeth will not only help you feel great and smile more, but will also increase the likelihood of others wanting to engage with you – perceiving you as a positive member of the team with a ‘can-do’ attitude. 

Then, when the time comes for you to apply for a new position or negotiate a promotion, you will have both the confidence and self-belief that you will achieve – all from healthy teeth! 

Alison continues, “New Year is a notorious time for making a change, particularly when it comes to career choices. Improving your confidence through a great looking smile will support your success in all stages of getting a new job – from interview preparation, to meeting your new colleagues. 

“Getting offered a new job is a real confidence boost – so just imagine how great you will feel when you have the sparkly smile to match!”

Here at Illume our team of highly qualified dental professionals provide a number of treatments guaranteed to make you smile at any stage in life. From subtle tooth straightening and tooth whitening, to hygienist support for improved oral health.  

If you want to take pride in your smile, please contact the practice today on 01242 522230.