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A good-looking smile is vital for self-confidence

It is widely recognised that there is definite link between looking good and feeling good, and the effect this has on our confidence.

The way we look, including our dress, body language and smile is the first information we give out to anyone. All of these things can affect the way we think and feel about ourselves, the way we act and behave, and the way in which others react and respond to us.

It is widely recognised that when our teeth are white and sparkling, we relax and laugh more often. As a result we are more confident and appear to have greater self-esteem, which significantly boosts our mood and helps us to smile a whole lot more!

A white straight smile doesn’t just indicate healthy teeth and gums. Our dental health and general health are inextricably linked and both can play a significant role in how confident we feel. If we are self-conscious about our smile - feeling our teeth are not as white as they should be or are crooked with gaps - we’re not going to feel very good or confident about interacting with others. So, how can Illume help?

Well, dentistry can help clients to achieve improvements in overall health and can significantly improve physical, mental and emotional well being. Dental bridges, crowns, implants and bonding can be used to restore damaged, cracked, chipped or missing teeth thus helping to develop and maintain a healthy smile.

Expert advice on teeth cleaning and oral hygiene from both our dentists and hygienists helps to ensure a smile free from periodontal disease. Recent research has linked this disease to other illnesses, including strokes, heart disease and diabetes.

All three of our clinicians, Tim, Adrian and Simon, are able to straighten your teeth and between them use a variety of techniques such as Simply Smile (which uses discreet tooth coloured brackets and wires), Invisalign® and Inman aligner™.

A well trained and experienced dentist can help transform not only your smile, but your entire well-being. A smile is often the first thing others notice and for many of us, teeth are the major facial feature we wish to change.

As an unknown author wrote ‘A smile is a powerful weapon, you can even break ice with it’.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you achieve a brighter smile in time for Christmas 2016!